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10 Shaving Mistakes You Should Never Make

Shaving is the quick solution when there’s no time for any other hair removal procedure. However there are certain things that we all need to know about this beauty procedure. It turns out that there are some common shaving mistakes that prevent us from getting the desired smooth effects. Now to keep you away from such situations we decided to present a list of the most common shaving mistakes that need to be avoided. So follow reading below and get the information that will change your life!

Shaving Mistakes You Should Never Make

Using an Old Razor

Old razors make the whole shaving process a torture. Old razors are dull and dangerous as they can harm your skin. So using old razors for shaving is risky and pointless. Moreover, old blades are a rich source of bacteria. So with a small cut you may infect your skin.

Sharing your Razor

Ok girls this is the worst case. Never share your razor with another person, that’s against the rules of hygiene.


First of all you need to wait a little bit or even better shave at the end of your shower so that your skin gets into the needed condition.

Not Exfoliating

By exfoliating you remove dead skin cells and prep your skin for the whole shaving process. By exfoliating your skin before shaving you’ll get a step closer to the desired smooth and soft effects. SO why not do it?

Shaving with Soap

Ok, definitely not the best choice. Shaving irritates and dehydrates the skin. Soap on the other hand is well-known for its drying effects. So the combination of these two isn’t really a good idea.

Not Cleaning your Razor

Imagine all the cream, skin cells and hair that your razor collects while you’re shaving, disgusting, right? Well to avoid such results you have to make sure you’re following up with an intense wash. Rinse your razor between the strokes and save your skin from any kind of side effects.

Using a Lot of Pressure

Ok girls that won’t really help. The only thing that you’ll do by using a lot of pressure is harm your skin and cause irritation.

You’re Not Taking Your Time

It’s better to skip that process than do it the wrong way. Shaving is a beauty procedure that needs time and extra attention. So if you’re in a rush you might need to reconsider your decision.


Another common mistake that we have to warn you about is dry-shave. The latter is very bad for your skin as it can irritate it and in some cases even infect it.

Not Moisturizing Afterwards

As we mentioned before shaving can dehydrate and dry out your skin. So moisturizing is a must. Moisturize your legs right after shaving when your skin is still damp and prevent it from getting irritated.