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How to Care for Vintage Clothing

In case you desire to look impressive with your vintage clothing, you should be aware how to care for them properly. You should give a great attention to vintage clothing, clean them properly and store in the right way in order to look pretty.

Find out several care tricks for vintage clothing, everything from the right technique of washing to ironing. If you wash your clothing with your hands, it will give them a perfect and a vintage look.

How to Care for Vintage Clothing

Never Pay Attention Just to the Labels

Though the label may give great information about cleaning, you should go for one of the best vintage clothing tips and use your judgment. The washing process of outfits, made of several materials, should be performed with much attention. The buttons may give rise to several problems, as well. Get rid of the metallic buttons, in case you throw your vintage clothing in the washing machine.

Consider the Fabrics

It may be risky to rinse your vintage clothing in the washing machine, so you had better choose a cool temperature, and skip drying. Though clothes made of cotton or polyester is washed perfectly in the machine, you should consider these cleaning tricks for various materials. While acrylic are corduroy are perfect for machine washing, acetate, silk and wool are ideal for hand wash and dry clean. However, if you have never rinsed your vintage clothing before, go for testing.

Cautious Ironing of Vintage Clothing

Cool temperature should be chosen when ironing your vintage clothing, as it’s among the care tricks to follow. Polyester requires warm temperature, but if you deal with wool vintage clothing, the vaporous bathroom is the best option to get rid of the wrinkles. Opt for a cool temperature when ironing acetate and go for vapor when dealing with silk.

Perform Dry Cleaning of Vintage Clothing at Home

Asking experts for help when you are in doubts about what you are performing is another essential care tricks. It should be noted that you may purchase dry cleaning products, such as K2r and remove the spots at home. Before applying the solvents, pay much attention to the instructions and never go for improvising.

Get Rid of the Yellowing of Vintage Clothing

Even in case of following all the care tricks properly, several items may change their white color and become yellow. To solve this problem, immerse the outfit into warm water, filled with Borax and OxiClean.

Skip Hangers

Storing the vintage clothing in a proper way is an essential care trick. Hangers should be avoided for your vintage pieces. If your cloth is new, skip wire hangers, as they will spoil it. Folding is the safest and the best way of storing your vintage clothing, mostly in case the materials are soft.

Remove the Smells

Though airing is a great way to remove the unpleasant smells from your vintage clothing, there are cases that require using another care trick. Apply scented solution to steam your vintage clothing. In case the fabric is delicate, go for charcoal or kitty litter to make the odor disappear, mostly in case of accessories. Store the items far away for several days.

Never Put Your Vintage Clothing in Plastic Bags

Skip using plastic bags, as they keep the unpleasant odors and blend with the plastic. It is one of the care tricks for your vintage clothing that shouldn’t be ignored.

Be Careful with Vintage Clothing Made of Leather or Suede

It seems like only experts are able to clean vintage clothing made of leather or suede. However, several care tricks will aid you clean them at home. Apply shoe polish when dealing with leather and go for suede eraser as well as leather conditioner.

The proper care for your vintage clothing will make you look your best and create a sophisticated appearance.