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How to Ideally Cover Acne Scars with Makeup

If you are not given a perfectly clean skin by nature, then you have surely faced acne on your skin together with scars that don’t want to disappear. Some people may find them funny, but others may consider them disgustful. There are various-sized, formed and colored acne scars, which have much dependence on the acne type. Fortunately, makeup stylists teach us how to ideally cover acne scars with makeup.

How to Ideally Cover Acne Scars with Makeup

Prepare Your Skin before Going for Coverage

Before applying coverage nourish your skin and apply moisturizing product. Annie Tevelin claims that products high in salicylic acid or packed with benzoyl peroxide, can make your skin dry. She recommends going for Lactic and Kojic acids, as they will help you get rid of dead skin and exfoliate your skin. Opt for products with brightening features and high in Vitamin C. Don’t forget about sunscreen, as it will prevent your skin from scarring.

Opting for the Right Tone

If you want to cover acne scars with makeup, you should opt for the right concealer tone and choose the best foundation, as well as BB cream shade to go perfectly with the tone of your skin. Go for testing the product on the jawline.

Opt for Right Tools

Before applying the product on your skin, you should own the right tools. Take a special brush for your concealer and go for a blender to make your coverage even, recommends Annie Tevelin.

Apply the Makeup in a Careful Way

To get a fantastic coverage, you should apply the makeup in the right way. Paint the makeup on your skin with the method of many tiny dots. Spread your makeup with dabs for a great coverage. Annie Mayo advises you to start with the application of concealer and then go for the method of stippling on that part of your skin you would like to conceal. Then use powder and go for pressing it and then rolling. If there is a necessity of concealer, you may reapply it, recommends Annie Mayo. Next, opt for your foundation and try to repeat the above-mentioned method. Complete the look by going for powder. Applying your makeup in this way, you will be able to ideally cover your acne scars.

However, you should bear in your mind that while there are numerous ways of concealing acne scars and hiding the discoloration of your skin, you may fail getting 100% result. Annie Mayo also mentions that you can get rid of your skin ruddiness and get a smooth skin, but it’s rather difficult to conceal the scar raise far away from your skin.

Thus, this post will help you learn how to cover acne scars with makeup and have a faultless skin.


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