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Tips for Pulling Off Dark Lips

Makeup is responsible for changing our looks either slightly or entirely. However, there are several products and shades that can give rise to more transformation to looks and wearing dark lips is surely among them. If you feel odd to dark hues, your reflection is quite normal to bold lips. Though your look may seem rather odd, it shouldn’t prevent you from pulling off dark lips in burgundy or black shades. Just, take into account several things before rocking one of the lipstick shades.

Tips for Pulling Off Dark Lips

Before you make up your mind to sport dark lips, consider the time. You are not recommended pulling off a dark lipstick when going for dinner, where you will enjoy oily pizza or hamburger. The fast foods, rich in oil will spoil your lip shade, making it patchy.

Consider also the future plans. Bold lips require high maintenance, which means you have to go for reapplication. Thus, if you want to spend your time at a park, red lipstick isn’t the best choice. Here are essential tips for pulling off dark lips.

1.  Choose the Right Color to Match the Tone of Your Skin

Each lipstick has a special undertone. While choosing a lipstick, consider its undertone, as it should go perfectly not only with the tone of your skin but with the color of your eyes and hair. Light toned women should opt for a lipstick with pink undertones, while women with a dark tone had better stick to brown undertones. Blue undertones are great for women with cool skin tones.     

2.  Take into Account the Shape of Your Lip

The deeper your lipstick shade is, the more evident the lines will be. Swipe your lipstick and then go for lip lining as near to the lipstick as you can. In case you own one at your disposal, spread your lipstick with the help of a brush to achieve a clean application.

Lipsticks in a darker tone have a lip slimming power. And in case your lips are thin, go for overdrawing in order not to let the dark shade make them get a thinner look.

3.  Brow Filling

One of the crucial tips of pulling off dark lips is to fill in your brows. As dark shade concentrates the attention to your lips, it’s essential to go for balancing by providing the brows with an opportunity of doing their great task, which is frame the features.    

Tips for Pulling Off Dark Lips

4.  Wear a Minimal Eye Makeup

You are not restricted wearing a smoky eye makeup with your deep lip color, as it may cheer you up and make you feel pleased. However, if your aim is to emphasize your lips, rock a little eye makeup. Gold or bronze shades look fascinating when teamed with your deep lips, but when you hesitate, create wings with black eyeliner.   

5.  Create a Balance with Your Cheeks

When pulling off a dark lipstick, you should pay much attention to your cheeks, as well. Don’t ignore the application of bronzer as it will set the necessary color on your cheeks. You may opt for a nude or bronzy tone, while the berry shade is for a flushed touch.

6.  Pay Attention to Your Teeth

Lipstick will leave its stain on the teeth and it will be more evident if the lipstick is dark. To enjoy your white teeth and a pleasant smile, insert your finger in the mouth and after closing the lips, take your finger out. Thus, you will notice a lipstick on your finger which could have been on your teeth.

7.  Feel Self-Assured

Finally, the most essential tip for pulling off dark lips is self-assurance. Your bold lipstick will grasp attention and you should show your confidence.  

To sum up, take into consideration several crucial tips before pulling off dark lips, as the striking impression depends on them.


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