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What Skin Care Products to Mix and what Not To

Using the right skin care products considering the type of your skin is the first essential thing to do to bring your beauty to perfection. Being aware of the products that work great for your skin, you may go for mixing without forgetting about several basic tricks.

Thus, find out what skin care products to mix and what to skip, so you will be able to combine ingredients, which don’t contradict each other and ones which make your skin become dry.

What Skin Care Products to Mix and what Not To

1.  Consider the Ingredients

 Pay much attention to the skin care products and the matching process will be more effective. There are products which combat each other, thus there will be no benefit for your skin. However, some products may be extremely efficient and give rise to irritation. Be very cautious with the ingredients of your makeup products and you will stay away from many mistakes.

2.  Never Mix Vitamin C Together with AHAs

 If you are for skin care products mixing, skip combining vitamin C with alpha hydroxy acids. AHAs may cause destabilization of Vitamin C, getting rid of its antioxidant feature. When applying them in distinct products you may also end up with skin irritation, including ruddiness and peeling.

3.  Never Mix Retinol and Acids

 Skip AHAs when applying beauty products high in Retinol. Acids like lactic and glycolic should be used separately from Retinols. Though non-prescribed retinoid cannot be dangerous, Retinol may lead to ruddiness when combined with acids. You had better skip applying it with benzoyl peroxide, as none of them will be efficient.

4.  Skip Mixing Benzoyl Peroxide and Vitamin C

The anti-acne benzoyl peroxide can’t be in a perfect cooperation with Retinol as well as Vitamin C. When applying benzoyl peroxide to remove the undesired acne, be very cautious about matching various skin care products. You may apply each of these products separately in order to feel the great effect.    

5.  Try Products Belonging to the Same Line

Products which have a close connection with each other and belong to the same category are fabulous when applying on the skin. However, you had better be attentive to the ingredients, as sometimes they may combat each other. But generally the products of the same category don’t cause any skin problem.   

6.  Never Mix Salicylic and Glycolic Acids

Another pair of skin care products that shouldn’t be mixed is salicylic and glycolic acids. In case you apply salicylic acid to combat acne, go for a milder exfoliator. The mixture of these two products will make your skin dry as well as affect the sebaceous glands, turning your skin oily.   

7.  Never Blend Retinol and Scrubs

When applying the mixture of the Retinol and scrub, you will have a dry and sensitive type of skin. Thus, when sticking to Retinol, forget about rough scrubs. You should also skip blending natural scrubs and sea salt as well as brown sugar and retinoid-high products.   

8.  Consider the Importance of Time

After combining various skin care products, it’s essential to wait a little to see whether it works great on your skin or not. If there are no side effects experiment with the mixture for several weeks before making a decision if it’s fabulous or not.  

9.  Never Mix Vitamin C and Retinol

There are products which are high in formula with low concentrations, but if you apply distinct products rich in Retinol as well as Vitamin C, you had better skip swiping them at the same time. Otherwise, you will end up with an irritated skin.    

10.  Never Blend Sonic Brush and Exfoliants

Staying away from blending sonic brush and exfoliants is a fabulous idea. In case you desire to apply chemical exfoliants or go for scrubs, skip the sonic brush.

Thus, the beautiful look of your skin depends on the right mixing of skin care products. Only in this case your skin will be deprived of redness and any other problems.