Best Street Style Looks from London Fashion Week Spring 2015

Looking for some cool ideas to rock a street style look? Well, we are happy to announce that London Fashion Week once again caught our attention with the most inspiring suggestions for street style this spring! So take a look at the best street style looks from London Fashion Week spring 2015 and get ready to experiment with brand new stylish combos!

Modern Chic

This is the perfect look to express the alluring power of a modern confident woman. To achieve a similar look you just need to combine a statement-making dress of sheer fabric with a pair of cute pointed toe heels and of course, add the right accessories.

Western Flair

This is best option to go for if you are looking for a style with sophistication. Now what we especially like about this look is the way the stylists decided to spice it up adding a pair of edgy over-the-knee boots. Lovely, isn’t it?


You can never go wrong with a leather piece! But why not taking it to the next level by going all leather? Give it a try and see how you like it.


A monotone look is not unacceptable as long as is a well-detailed look. For example you can play with patterns and achieve an eye-catching street style! Pay attention to this look and see that even the bag has the same color as the rest of the outfit yet everything looks just perfect!

Street Style Looks from London Fashion Week


How about playing with colors and prints? Check out this gorgeous street style and get inspired to create your own, signature look! Now keep in mind that balancing is the key to success for a look. So if you go bright on the upper part you will have to keep it dark on the bottom and vice versa.

The Jumpsuit Trend

Well let’s not forget about the exciting trend of wearing a jumpsuit! Now if you want to keep it classy you can focus on the color choice just as is done for this look.


If you don’t really like the idea of experimenting with colors and prints you can just play with the proportions keeping it simple color wise.


A comfy yet interesting combo that even sporty style lovers would like to try out! What we especially like about this look is the way footwear is perfectly complementing it.

Elegant Chic

This is one of the best combinations to go for when willing to wear an elegant look! To achieve a similar look you simply need to combine a cute floral dress with a long oversized French coat and of course add the right accessories. In fact the less are the accessories the better will be the results.


You can never go wrong with e floral printed dress. Especially if you want to create a soft romantic look, the latter can be the best option to go for!

Artistic Mess

Would you dare to wear this look? A jaw-dropping mixture of styles, colors and prints that will leave an unforgettable impact on everyone!


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