How to: Growing Out Bangs without Looking Awkward

The main discouraging thing you face when opting for a fringe is the acutely growing out aspect. You are afraid of suffering from it for a long time and looking awkward and ridiculous. However, we should mention that tresses grow back though sometimes too slowly.

Growing out bangs shows your patience and the hairstylists’ great skill. A fine hairdresser will make you go from point A to B, but an ideal hairstylist provides you with a fascinating look during the whole change. Depending on the length and thickness of your bangs, you will have to wait for several months to have grown out bangs. It has a great dependence on the perfect hairstyle you wear and the rapidness of your hair growth.

Thus, take these tips as your inspiration to growing out bangs without looking awkward.

Haircut Transition

To skip looking awkward in your growing out bangs, you should just change them to the side-swept option and go for reshaping at the front part. Layers, cut to frame your face, aid to mix the bangs with your hair. You are advised to trim both your hair and bangs every two months to uphold the growing out aspect.

Curl Your Growing out Bangs

Curling the growing out bangs is another effective trick to mix them with your tresses. Get soft waves and curls with a curling iron. Apply flexible hairspray for a finish touch and it will make your bangs stay in place still keeping the touchable effect.

Create a Braid or Go for a Twist

Twisting growing out bangs or braiding them is an easy way to mix them the rest of your tresses. If some pieces are left out when styling your hair, hide them back with the help of bobby pins.

You are suggested another great option for the growing out bangs. Use products to set your bangs. Apply pomade or opt for gel and experiment with a slicked-back pony hairstyle, making it super tight. You may also give texture at the back and go for pompadour to get a sophisticated style.

Rely on Accessories

To pull the growing out bangs backs or sweep them to a side, accessorize them with headbands or pins. The more you bring your bangs back, the easier it will be for you to maintain them.

Change the Direction of Your Part

Changing the direction of your part, you will get a completely different look. When noticing a bang growth, change the direction of your hairstyle and go for a side section. This trick will disguise the growing out bangs. You are also suggested adding clips to the side section in order to secure your bangs back.

You will never look awkward when growing out your bangs, in case you take into consideration these essential recommendations.

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